1604-1714 S. 8th St., Rogers, AR 72756
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Ministerio Cristiano
Pupuseria Salvadorena
El Senor De Los Tacos
NWA Auto Shop
Patriot Fitness & Martial Arts
Taranda  SuperMercado
NWA Women's Thrift Store
Cinderella's Clothing & Tuxedo
El Rancho Family Western Wear
ISH Home Fashion
Claudia Mendoza
Norma Nunez
Secretos Beauty Salon
Wholesale Auto Paint
Southgate Barber Shop
Benton County Gun Works
Ice It Down
Wolfram - Free Demonstrations - why build new school buildings when you have this - /math/algebra Over 3,500 u-tube videos
Google Tip -  you can type in a flight number and up comes the flight information - try  aa 2333
Today's Frank and Ernst cartoon

David Axelrod - who is he?
Orchestrated Crisis -
Hillary Clinton's - Wellesley's 91st Commencement, May 31, 1969
Kerry YouTube link to his Vietnam War Hearing in 1971 with the Foreign Relations Committee
Kerry link
Navy     Gridley Equator Crossing - Golden Shellback ceremony on USS Gridley DLG-21
USS Gridley DLG-21 commissioning on May 23, 1963--first time photos
Seattle World's Fair 1963
Tonkin Gulf-36 yrs ago
US Naval History
USS Gridley DLG-21
Tulsa, OK  RiverView Apts
Beaver Lake info
TabularLake Level
History of lake level
Benton County
Bella Vista Prop Owners
Benton County Jail - inmate list
Benton County Government
Walton Family Foundation
Crystal Bridges

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Investing Mania & Fraud-dot coms, Enron-compare 1929 with today

Jack London-- old glass plate photos plus his books you can read

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Tulsa, OK --  RiverView Apartments, Grecian Apartments, Galaxcy Apartments

Quarter Shopping Center-1400 W. Walnut Ave., Rogers, Arkansas 72756

                                       Northwest Arkansas Boat Club- Beaver Lake

Investing Mania- Learn about how people lose money

Jack London-information including his life's credo

Secretary of State John Kerry Time Line
                                              It all started because Kerry served on the USS Gridley DLG-21
Beaver Lake
Rogers, Arkansas

From John & Amilda's deck

More photos
2019 NWA LPGA photos
Rogers, Arkansas

Pinnacle Golf Photo's

Pinnacle Tennis Photo's
Lexi Thompson
Beaver Lake, Rogers, AR
Dec 20, 2015

The following tenants are open
El Senor De Los Tacos  
1612 S. 8th Street, Rogers, AR

1610 S. 8th Street, Rogers, AR

NWA Auto Shop - is open
1614 S. 8th Street, Rogers, AR

Taranda  Market is openy
1618 S. 8th Street, Rogers, AR

ISH Home Fashion
1628 South, 8th Street, Rogers, AR
Hammelburg, Germany       Hammelburg2, Germany

Erick Litke,   Rockenberg, Germany

Left photo -  
Konigssee  -- Lake in Germany
  The odds of having the other boat in that location is slim
       Sun is out, green trees, clouds, snow and reflections