1604-1714 S. 8th St., Rogers, AR 72756
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Ministerio Cristiano
Pupuseria Salvadorena
Los Compas Carnitas
NWA Auto Shop
Patriot Fitness & Martial Arts
Taranda  SuperMercado
NWA Women's Thrift Store
ISH Home Fashion
Claudia Mendoza
Francisco Bonilla
Secretos Beauty Salon
1630 Office for Rent
850 SF or 10 x 10 space
Wholesale Auto Paint
Southgate Barber Shop
Benton County Gun Works
Ice It Down
Wolfram - Free Demonstrations - why build new school buildings when you have this - /math/algebra Over 3,500 u-tube videos
Google Tip -  you can type in a flight number and up comes the flight information - try  aa 2333

Today's Frank and Ernst cartoon

David Axelrod - who is he?
Orchestrated Crisis -
Hillary Clinton's - Wellesley's 91st Commencement, May 31, 1969
Kerry YouTube link to his Vietnam War Hearing in 1971 with the Foreign Relations Committee
Kerry link
USS Gridley DLG-21                  
Tonkin Gulf-36 yrs ago
US Naval History

Tulsa, OK  RiverView Apts

Beaver Lake info
TabularLake Level
History of lake level

Benton County
Bella Vista Prop Owners

Benton County Jail - inmate list
Benton County Government
Walton Family Foundation
Crystal Bridges

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Investing Mania & Fraud-dot coms, Enron-compare 1929 with today

Jack London-- old glass plate photos plus his books you can read

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Tulsa, OK --  RiverView Apartments, Grecian Apartments, Galaxcy Apartments

Quarter Shopping Center-1400 W. Walnut Ave., Rogers, Arkansas 72756

Northwest Arkansas Boat Club- Beaver Lake
Investing Mania- Learn about how people lose money

Jack London-information including his life's credo

Secretary of State John Kerry Time Line
                                  It all started because Kerry served on the USS Gridley DLG-21
Beaver Lake
Rogers, Arkansas

From John & Amilda's deck

2018 NWA LPGA photo's

Pinnacle Golf Photo's

Pinnacle Tennis Photo's
Lexi Thompson

Beaver Lake, Rogers, AR
Dec 20, 2015
New Tenant

Los Compas Carnitas

ISH Home Fashion